PUBG Game new update launch view what’s new

PUBG Mobile will be rolling out a new 0.15.5 update for both Android and iOS today. This update will bring many updates before the Royal Pass season 10. Tencent reports that there will be a new map added to the update, with Ruins being named for the team’s Death Match mode. Let’s say that Royal Pass Season 10 is set to begin November 9. Those who update to the 0.15.5 version in the first week of launch will receive an exclusive prize from the company.

A few weeks ago PUBG Mobile received a 0.15.0 update. All features were added to this update. This was a Play Store update but the 0.15.5 update is a smaller update than before. There will only be some in-game updates. In this, a new map will be found for the team death match called ‘The Ruins’. That being said, the new map will be larger than the old warehouse.

It is expected that the new submachine gun ‘MP5K’ will also be found in this update. 9mm can be used in this new weapon and the fire rate is about UMP9. That being said, this update will be less than 200MB.

Apart from this, players will also get new skins for vehicles and weapons this season which they will have to redeem by Royal Pass. Season 10 will come in two premium variants, Royal Pass Elite and Elite Plus. Apart from this the free version will also be available.