Now you can’t post some things in instagram – Download App

Users are now facing another big blow to the photo-sharing platform Instagram. Facebook-owned Instagram has made drastic changes to the rules for sharing photos or videos. Instagram has decided to tighten the rules by sharing photos or videos linked to self-harm.

It is worth mentioning that the photo-sharing platform on Instagram shows that the pictures are purely Ben’s showing someone doing some harm to themselves. Instagram posted this ban in 2017 at a time when teenager Molly Russell committed suicide after watching a selfie video on the platform.

Now once again Instagram head Adam Mossary has written a post saying that this will continue to happen to Ben. “We are continuing our policy, we are trying to prevent even more self-harm and suicide-linked content,” he told them.

Adam Mossary also said that there is also a helpline number on Instagram platform to help prevent suicide-like content which can be used to help. This also applies to Ben Mims and cartoons.