Now you can closely listen others talk – Just install this android app

Today we show you an app on the Google Play Store that lets you hear all the details of any other smart user. This is a secret app and the special thing is that everyone you’ve heard of might not even know it. However, the smartphone you should listen to must have TickleMyPhone installed. For this you need to get this smartphone and install this app.

The process of using the application
✔️ All you need to do is send an SMS from the app to listen to someone else’s phone.
✔️ Suppose you have installed the app on your phone and want to listen to all the conversations on device B.
✔️ So you should send a text message from phone B to A.
✔️ As soon as the SMS arrives, the call will be made on phone B and you will hear all the telephone conversations A.
✔️ After sending SMS, the ringtone is not connected, so no user is aware of the call.

About TickleMyPhone
✔️ The app size is less than 4 MB, so the user does not need much space.
✔️ You can also install it on Android 2.1 Affair and update the operating system.
✔️ In the Play Store, users have judged it fantastic and some have found it usable.
✔️ Free and paid versions of this app are available. The pad problem has a price of Rs 122.
✔️ In the Pad version, the user gets additional features.
✔️ Click here to install the free version of TickleMyPhone

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