Now without touch your ogone you will get all work done – Download Google Assistant App

Google Assistant manages amazing Android devices You know Google Assistant can play music and videos, but did you know that you can use Google Assistant to unlock space and your Android smartphone as well.

Android 7.0 Nougat comes with Google Assistant installed, all you need to do on these smartphones is to give Google Assistant relevant permissions to make your life easier. If you don’t have a Google Assistant, go ahead and download it from the Google Play Store.

👉Lock and unlock your Android phone using Google Assistant Android App?

Unlocking your Android smartphone is as easy as saying “Ok Google.” However, to unlock your smartphone with Google Assistant, you’ll need to make a few changes in the settings section

. 👉Follow our guide below to make the necessary changes.
✔️ Open Google Assistant
✔️. Access the ‘Settings’ section after clicking on the three-dot that represents the menu.
✔️ Under the “Devices” section, touch on your phone.
✔️ With the Assistant setting, enable “Access to voice matches” and “Unlock voice matching”.

After enabling “Access to voice matches” and “Unlock voice matching”, you will be asked to train a trusted voice model that will help you unlock your smartphone. This training will ensure that Google Assistant will only respond to your voice when locked. It will not respond to any random person by saying “Ok Google”.

After voice unlocking is enabled, you will be asked to record a few sentences to clarify things. You can restart your voice model If you are unsure of the fact that your voice is accurately recorded, go to “Voice mode” and then select “Retrain voice model”. You can always train a Google Assistant again if your previous training was done in a noisy environment.
What are the issues that you may be experiencing?

It’s not always possible to unlock your phone with a Google Assistant, especially if you’ve been given an extra layer of security on a lock screen like fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or face ID. In this case, a Google Assistant can simply wake up your phone, and you’ll need to input the rest to unlock your phone.

You can fix the problem above by saying goodbye to the Security screen, but this is not recommended for obvious reasons. Instead, you can always go for a delay timer that will lock your smartphone after the specified time slot.

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