How To Unlock Wallpapers On Oneplus phone

Many new features have been added to OnePlus. It has a new phonetic mode with Easter eggs that has many wallpapers. Although OnePlus comes from a smartphone manufacturer in China, it is a premium flagship device that has received rave reviews. The most important feature is the 90Hz OLED. The display will quickly increase the refresh rate and provide the best performance of 12 GB of RAM. It includes the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and offers the best hardware as well as software performance.

To enhance the gaming experience, it’s integrated with Fnatic, which allows users to block notifications and disable auto-brightness whenever playing. Hepatic response is improved and the effect is even greater. Phonetic mode is also available on flagship smartphones. It’s important in every way to supercharge your gaming experience.

This improves the overall gaming experience. Previously Fnatic mode was only for OnePlus 7 Pro. But other devices have also been added to the OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 5. After unlocking the Fnatic mode, several other wallpaper cover options have been added to it.

Step 1: Go to Settings, then Utilities, then select Gaming Mode and Fanatic Mode.
Step 2: Five times, tap on the Fanatic logo.
Step 3: A text field appears below the logo.
Step 4: In the text area, always enter. Then press Enter.

When you follow all the steps, you can unlock the vinyl laptop that is phonetically themed. But for the OnePlus smartphones, these are not exactly designed. OnePlus and Fnatic have tried to hide it but technically they are out. It’s a refreshing experience for Easter eggs, and you can easily try it out even if you’re using a OnePlus phone.

It was launched in May and is very popular for various recently introduced variants. The device can be really great in terms of gaming experience and connecting with a professional eSports organization is really a great step for them.