How to Recover Deleted Photo From Your SmartPhone – Download android App

Before you download and install the app, please note – for this to work, you must have root rights. Disk Digger aims to recover data in various formats, special images and videos. After the recovery process is complete, save the pictures to the device or send them to an email address.

Generally the algorithm of the Android program is not that different from the utilities for a PC. First, you’ll need to select the file format that the utility should look for, as well as specify the search directory (from internal memory or external drive). After scanning, you can see the results, mark the required photos and save them properly. It is worth noting that a disk digger copes more effectively with its function than many other similar utilities.

How to Use Disk Digger App

When the application starts to scan for deleted files, see the main screen of diskoder will appear in files that can be collected:

You can tap any of the files to select the corresponding control box, which tagħżelha recovery. You can also tap the overflow menu (three dots) of each file to see the recovery options for each file.

Filters files

If you press the button “Options” (the gear icon), you can filter the files to be recovered based on file size and file type. If you impose a minimum size on the displayed files, tick the box next to “Minimum size of the file” and enter the minimum number of bytes below. By default, the minimum size is activated when pictures restore, to filter many other images (not photos) from memory of your device (from the browser cache, bitmaps from other apps, etc.) .

Save files

DiskDigger offers three different ways to save files can be recovered: f’app Save, Save on appliances and FTP upload, each of which is discussed below. To restore recover one or more file, tap the check mark beside the files can be recovered to be restores, and then tap the “Recover” button in the upper tool.

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