How To Create YouTube Channel And Earn Money

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. The content platform records more than 1 billion content streams every day. This is undoubtedly in large numbers and in data, which is the factor of many things and is often referred to as ‘visual’, it is turned into real world money.
YouTube channel

If you are also planning to join the league or want to create a YouTube channel to always show your creative side to the world, the following steps will work. The following guide will help you create your own ‘YouTube Channel’ to embark on your Content Creator journey.

Before starting your YouTube tour, you should understand that creating a channel on YouTube is the easiest part. Monetizing content, customer support, and generating revenue is another story. Having said that, the following guide will help you understand the basics of running a YouTube channel to join the Millionaire’s Club.

Follow the steps to create a YouTube channel

The YouTube channel makes your public presence on the YouTube platform. You may already have a Google Account, you will still need to create a channel to upload content to build customer base. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or use a mobile site on a smartphone.
Try uploading videos or creating a playlist on YouTube.
You don’t have a YouTube channel yet, you will be asked to create one.
Check and confirm details such as your account Google account name and photo.
Confirm Creating Your YouTube Channel

Important things to create when creating a YouTube channel

Creating a presence on YouTube depends on many factors. You should start with a catchy name. Keep your YouTube name short and easy to remember.

It’s worth creating a unique thumbnail for your YouTube channel. It’s always good to have it ready in advance. In addition, make sure the thumbnail you create matches the content on your channel.
Good video editing software software with basic understanding of video editing is also essential for creating good content for YouTube.