Apple to launch 16 inch MacBook Pro,View full specification

Apple may launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro in a completely new style this week. Earlier, a lot of news about the launch of 16-inch MacBook Pro has been coming continuously for the last few days. Apple’s defective Butterfly keyboard is unlikely to exist in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. According to the news, Apple is doing a private press briefing before the launch of this MacBook Pro, which suggests that it can be launched within a week.

In addition to the keyboard, the 9th generation CPU and the new AMD GPU are also expected in this new MacBook. In this new version of MacBook, ‘esc’ is reported to be returning again. Programmers and writers use this key a lot.

This 16-inch MacBook Pro is reported to have a resolution of 3072–1920. However, there is a discussion that this 16-inch brand new MacBook Pro will have the same features as the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Talking about new features, it may come with a new Caesar Switch keyboard, redesigned touch bar and Touch ID.

Also, inform you that Apple has recently started the service of Apple TV +. In this, viewers will be able to watch popular movies, shows and original TV programs on a charge of Rs 99 a month. Apple wants to compete with premium subscription video streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime through its TV Plus service. Please tell here that the service of Apple TV + will not be limited to Apple devices alone. Users can also take advantage of this on some Android Smart TVs.